September 18-20, 2017 | Norris Conference Centers, Houston, TX

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The Operational Excellence in Refining and Petrochemicals Summit will bring together over 150 Operations Leaders from America’s downstream and chemicals community to discuss how to embed operational excellence across their organization to improve operational efficiency, reliability and safety performance.

Download the 2017 agenda to take a look at the interactive sessions we’ve planned for this year.

Interviews and case studies

Manufacturing Excellence at Shell Oil

Lynne Buchanan, America’s Regional Manufacturing Excellence Lead at Shell Oil, provides us with insight into the importance of leadership and the management behaviors required in driving operational excellence.

Download this exclusive interview to see what is driving Shell’s manufacturing excellence strategy, and how to secure executive level support for continuous improvement initiatives when the business is facing more market volatility, risk and complexity than ever before.

Operational Excellence at Veolia: how culture change can improve financial performance in high risk industries.

Matt DiGeronimo, Vice President of Operations at $50B energy company Veolia, shares his insights on transforming the cultural, operational, and financial underpinnings of a failing coal-fired power plant in just 12 short months.

Download the full interview to find out what are the challenges of modifying the thought-processes and operational models that can often be ingrained for decades in the minds of front-line supervisors, and how culture change can ultimately improve financial performance in high risk industries.

Improving Productivity Safely: Driving Operational Excellence to the Frontline

Kristen Kulinowski, board member of the U.S. Chemical Safety Board, provides her insight into CSB’s recent investigations and efforts to identify common drivers behind several major chemical incidents.

CSB Investigators have closed high profile investigations into Macondo, the West Fertilizer explosion and fire, the Tesoro Martinez chemical spill, Williams olefins explosion and several others - and are currently investigating spills and explosions at ExxonMobil, AirGas, Dupont facilities among others. 

In this exclusive interview Dr. Kulinowski shares her insight into some of the critical lessons learned from such chemical accidents and the operational risks associated with deferred maintenance, improper MoC, inadequate condition monitoring and more.

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Shell Oil Case Study: Building Human, Asset and Environmental Risk Management

Aamir Farid, Former Vice President of Manufacturing at Shell Oil, shares his thoughts on culture, leadership, and strategies for managing the balance between operational efficiency and risk management. Download the interview to find out more.

Exclusive interview with Deepwater Horizon Investigator Captain Hung Nguyen

Just seven days after the Deepwater Horizon explosion, U.S. Coast Guard Captain Hung Nguyen was designated as the co-chair for the US Departments of Homeland Security and Interior joint investigation into the incident that killed 11 workers and resulted in the largest oil spill in US history. Captain Nguyen’s role was to determine the causes of the accident and make recommendations for safe operations of future oil and gas activities.

Many of the report’s recommendations have been implemented and we spoke with Captain Nguyen to discuss his personal perspective on the leadership lessons learned from the incident – and where safety improvements still need to be made.

Download the full interview to find out more.

Dow Chemical: How to reduce unplanned events related to procedure use errors

Dow Chemical Operational Excellence Specialist Wendy Schram shares with us how Operational Excellence is managed at Dow and gives her perspective on applying human factors to procedure use at the $50B chemical giant.

American Refining Group: Reducing waste to increase profitability in downstream industries

Robin Augustine, Vice President of Operations at American Refining Group, shares how they are responding to the unique challenges around achieving operational excellence in the refining and petrochemical sectors.


OpEx in Refining & Petrochemicals Summit 2016

Over 1,000 operations leaders attended our Operational Excellence events in 2016. Watch this short video to get a feel for the onsite experience.

    “Thanks for filling our tank and helping us create a roadmap for our journey to excellence! This is truly an awesome event!”

    Vice President,
    Co-Op Refinery.

    “Event execution was flawless (the best I have ever seen).”

    John Kim and Associates.

    “Speakers were all excellent. Really good content. Excellent overview of what the industry thinks of Operational Excellence and how to achieve it.”

    Sr. Product Manager
    Sphera Solutions

    “The OpEx event was well attended with new client opportunities for us. We plan to support future OpEx events.”

    Head of Business Development