TDS was founded in 1993 as a company that specialized in writing process unit operating procedures and developing operator training for the refining and petrochemical industry sectors.  At that time, TDS services were specifically designed to help customers upgrade their documentation to process safety compliance requirements and to train new operators on how to effectively run their process units.  TDS established a “premier provider” reputation for excellence in operator performance.

Today, TDS serves the midstream and downstream sectors – gas processing, oil refining, petrochemical, chemical, pipeline, and other related industries.  These industries are generally characterized by large, technically complex, capital-intensive facilities that are highly regulated.

TDS believes that successful companies in these industry sectors are characterized by an unrelenting focus on Exemplary Operator Performance and the interrelated elements of process operations, asset reliability, engineering, and business integrity.  TDS expands from its operator roots to integrate the people, processes, and systems from engineering, maintenance, and business in the development of effective solutions for its customers.  

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